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Your one stop shop for everything going on in Wipster!

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The Dashboard is included with Team, Enterprise, and Business (legacy plan) accounts. It will be the first thing you'll see when you login to to give a snapshot of all of your team's activity. It's a great place to start your work day and catch-up on all the latest activity happening with your team's projects and to get an idea on what to focus on next.

Here's a little breakdown of all the categories in the Wipster Dashboard:

My recently viewed
This will keep track of all the assets you've viewed within your team. This is the one section of the dashboard specifically catered to your activity and not just the entire team's collective activity.

Recent team uploads
Anytime someone uploads a new asset onto your team, you'll see it listed here. Just click on the thumbnail image and jump right into the latest version to review or watch the final cut of what is sure to be your team's next big hit.

Recent Comments
Keep track of your team members' comments as well as feedback from anyone you invite to your projects to review. See the latest comments posted across all videos on your team and check this feed to respond back to them as soon as they post their thoughts.
​Shared with me

See what assets your team have sent you in one convenient place. Click through the thumbnails to open the review tool and leave your feedback, and make sure to click on that 'Finish review' button when you're done!

All recent comments
A list of all comments made by anyone in or outside your team. Click on the thumbnail to jump straight to the frame mentioned in the comment.
​My recent comments

A list of all comments you've recently made. Click on any of the thumbnails to go straight to the frame, open the thread, and see if what you've said has sparked a conversation.

Recent activity
The right panel of your dashboard shows all activity across your entire team. Uploads, shares, views, comments, and approvals will all appear here, and you can click on any entry to go straight to the asset in question. For Multiteam and Enterprise customers, each team will have it's own activity stream.

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