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With our latest update to Wipster, we've introduced a whole new folder structure for you to work with. We think it will make your time on Wipster way more organized and streamlined so you will be able to jump into exactly what you need to without spending much time getting too lost in the mix. Below are the new folders and what they'll do for you. Note that some of these folder options will differ based on which plan your account is on.

Dashboard (for Business and Enterprise plans only)
This is the new intro screen when you login, you will be able to catch-up on all the latest activity happening with your account and within your team accounts. View all the latest comments, newest uploads, and track the progress of your latest publishes online.

Flow (for Business and Enterprise plans only)
The newest way to manage your projects actively in the review process, now easier than ever before. With Flow, you can now keep track of what stages your work-in-progress assets are in, whether they're just recently shared out or if your project is ready to be approved by your reviewers, and everything in-between.

Pulse (for Business and Enterprise plans only)
Pulse is the how you watch over your content on Wipster when it has left the review process and has been published through any of our publishing integrations. We've made a simple chart out of the analytics data from your published videos so you can check in on your finished product's health score and determine how well it is performing to your audience online.

Do you have a busy folder you like to go back to often? Maybe there's an asset on your account that consistently gets a lot of version updates. Bookmarking and favorite tagging is now here so you can hold on to these folders and assets in an easy to find location so you can get back to them in a flash.

Shared With Me
Anytime someone on Wipster or one of your team members in your account have something they want to show you, those assets will land here in the Shared With Me folder, now in a new easy to find location.

Media Library
This is the file layout that you were used to before the new update, where all your assets in your various folders and subfolders belong, whether in review or not. The best part now is your active media and archive media exist in the same folder pane, making it easier to flip back and forth between both media locations. We have also introduced the much needed Trash to clean out any older assets on your account.

Vimeo Look Folder
If you have the Vimeo integration enabled, you can view all the content on your Vimeo account through Wipster and be able to import or export any video files to and from your Wipster account.

To learn more about any of these folder categories listed above, be sure to look over the additional FAQs on our support page for more details.

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