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Wipster for Business: Secure Sharing
Wipster for Business: Secure Sharing
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One of the most important aspects to our service is to make sure that all the sensitive information you store on our site stays secure and in good hands. While we covered how we offer this with every account through SSL encryption, we offer a special level of security exclusive to our Wipster for Business users.

Secure Sharing makes sure that you have control over who is sharing links and who is able to see the links that are being shared. Once you sign up for Wipster for Business, you will have access to this special tab in your Account settings to give you these options to work with.

  • Disable public sharing via URLs: Ticking this box will remove the ability for you and your team to share media using public URLs that are accessible to anyone with the link. You will still be able to share by direct email.

  • Restrict public sharing to team members only: Ticking this box will mean sharing media via email is restricted only to your authenticated team members (this includes admin, full and guest members). This also disables sharing via public URL.

  • Disable all historical share links: Clicking this button will disable all historical share links associated with your account. If activated it cannot be undone, so please use with caution.

If you are interested to acquire this higher level of security and learn more about Wipster for Business, visit

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