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How to set-up the Wistia integration
How to set-up the Wistia integration
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One of our most asked for video integrations is now here, we're happy to add Wistia to our impressive lineup of publishing integrations to our Wipster platform. With Wistia and Wipster, you now publish all your videos from Wipster directly to the Wistia video cloud in just one click. As long as you have an account already with Wistia, the set-up is very simple.

  1. Go to the Integrations tab in your Account Settings

  2. Select the Wistia integration

  3. In Wistia, from the 'Account' menu, select 'Settings'

  4. Click 'API Access' (on the right hand side, under 'Advanced')

  5. Click the 'Copy' button, next to the password box

  6. Paste that into the 'API password' box on this screen

  7. Enter your Wistia URL into the 'Wistia URL' box on this screen. Your Wistia URL is specific to your Wistia account and will be something like ''. We only need that bit - not the https:// or anything after ''

  8. Click 'Save'

You should now be able to see the Wistia button located at the top-right of your project screen next to the Share button and other integration buttons, as well as below the video on the review page. Publish away!

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