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How to set-up the Brightcove integration
How to set-up the Brightcove integration
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With Brightcove and Wipster, you can now publish all your videos from Wipster directly to the Brightcove video cloud in just one click. As long as you have an account already with Brightcove, the set-up is very simple.

  1. Log into Wipster (if you don't happen to have an account, sign up here).

  2. Visit the Account Settings and click the Integrations tab.

  3. Enable the Brightcove integration and follow these instructions below to properly set up your Brightcove account on Brightcove's side.

4. Click 'Save Credentials' and you're set! You should now be able to see the Brightcove button located at the top-right of your screen next to the Share button (or next to the Vimeo 'Publish' button if you have that integration set up as well). Publish away!

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