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How do I change my email notification frequency?
How do I change my email notification frequency?
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Wipster sends two types of email notification. The first is an instant email that is sent to you as soon as a comment is made on a video or image you're associated with. The second is a hourly digest that contains a summary of all the activity across your account in the last hour.

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on the settings dropdown menu with your name on it in the top right hand corner and click on Account settings, then click on the Notifications tab.

By default only Instant Notifications are enabled, however you can toggle either of them on or off as you need to. You can even turn email notifications off completely if you need to.

3. Click on the 'Change frequency' button and select the arrangement that works for you.

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications can be disabled at the individual asset level from the assets 'Comments' settings.
Check out our notifications article here for more.

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