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How do I upload a logo for my company?
How do I upload a logo for my company?
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Wipster allows you to upload a logo to replace our own logo across the platform.

Log into your account and click on the settings dropdown menu with your name on it in the top right hand corner and click on Account settings, then click on the Team info tab.

Once you're there, the steps to getting your logo looking just right are:

Please Note: The steps below are currently being edited and may not be fully up-to-date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  1. Chose the right kind of logo. Attached to this article is a Photoshop template set up with the perfect dimensions for logos on Wipster. You don't have to use it but we think it makes life easier. We support (and encourage) transparent PNGs, but remember that Wipster has a pretty dark background, so your logo will come up much better if it's white or at least a brighter color.

  2. Upload your logo. Click 'Upload a logo'. Select the file on your computer and then crop it so it looks how you want it.

  3. Hit 'Save cropped image'. 

  4. Done. You should see your logo in the top left of your screen right where the Wipster logo used to be. Your logo will also now automatically appear in the header of all external emails. You can see how that will look here.

Note: Remember, if you're inviting external stakeholders to view your content, the logo you upload will be the first thing they see in both the email invite and on Wipster itself.

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