How does HD work on Wipster?
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If you have subscribed to one of our paid plans, Wipster is able to create 540p, 720p and Full HD 1080p encodings for playback.

Anyone watching the video has the option to switch between all available encoding qualities. If you or people you've shared with are having problems with slow playback, you may have to drop down to a lesser quality encoding.

Wipster will only encode to the highest available resolution based on the file you originally uploaded. In other words if you want an HD (720p or 1080p) version you will need to upload video of at least those dimensions.

The quality that Wipster chooses to play back to the viewer by default is based on the size of the screen where the video is being played back. A viewer with a small laptop screen will not be served an HD version by default (they can still switch to HD however). Similarly, a viewer with a large desktop will automatically be served the highest quality HD version.

You can switch between the available resolutions of your video at any time by clicking on the dropdown located at the bottom right of the play bar.
This is especially useful if you are playing a higher resolution video (e.g. 1080p) on a slower internet connection.For example, if you are experiencing stuttering during playback, breaks in sound etc. simply change the resolution to a lower value e.g. 540p.

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