Using the Wipster Review Panel, you can set both a custom render template and a custom output template for After Effects. If you're confused by what that means, this article has a pretty good take on the distinction.

Before you start you'll want to first create the output or render settings you're after inside After Effects. Adobe's support article on the basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects has a pretty comprehensive breakdown on how to do this. You can read that here.

Once you're set up, navigate to the Settings screen in the Review Panel. You'll find it by clicking the cog icon on the team page (the first screen you come to after logging in).

Once you're on the settings screen look for the option to Custom render template and a Custom output template.

If you click either dropdown you should see the range of preset options, plus any custom options you may have added earlier. Select whatever setting you'd like to nominate as your custom option and hit Save. This option will now be available to you every time you upload to Wipster using the panel and select 'Custom'.

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