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What does syncing a sequence mean in the Wipster Panel?
What does syncing a sequence mean in the Wipster Panel?
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Inside both Premiere Pro and After Effects you can sync any part of a project you're working on to the version that's been uploaded to Wipster.

This means that the timecode accurate feedback you have received in Wipster can be synced back to the place you're working on it.

The Wipster Panel knows whenever the timeline or composition you have open has been synced and is available inside Wipster. A direct link to the sequence will appear at the bottom of the panel. If you've loaded a timeline in Premiere Pro panel and the direct link is not showing, trying hitting the 'Refresh' button in the top right of the Panel.

Once you've synced your feedback, the specifics of the way the comment markers work in Premiere Pro and After Effects are slightly different.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro will add markers to your timeline. You can view the content of these either by clicking on them individually or via the Markers panel. Markers for completed comments will appear as a different color.

After Effects

After Effects will create a new NULL layer at the top of your composition called 'Wipster Comments'. That layer will contain all the comments as markers. While there is no markers panel to view the feedback in After Effects, you can still click on individual markers to view the content.

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