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Managing Project Folders
Managing Project Folders

Learn how to create, move, rename, archive and delete project folders

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Use our folder structure to organize your projects in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Wipster customers commonly use top level folders to separate out work for different clients, or work by different editors, in order to make everything more organized and easier to find. You can further separate out folders into sub-folders in order to get even more granular with your organization.

Note: Guest users can be assigned to any number of top level folders, but cannot be assigned to sub-folders

How do I create a folder?

Look for the 'New Folder' button near the top right of your screen next to the 'Upload media' button. Click on that, the system will ask you to name your new folder, and voila! You can begin organizing.

Note that if you do this from the top level view of your Project Library, you'll create a new top level folder which will be visible in the side bar. If you're already inside another folder, you'll be creating a new sub-folder to help further organize your projects.

How do I move a folder?

Simply open up the options menu on any folder tile, then find the 'Move' option. This will open up a menu showing all of your folders where you can select its destination. You can even turn a top level folder into a sub-folder, or vice versa. Any assets held in that folder will be moved as well.

How do I rename a folder?

Open the folder options menu and find the 'Rename' option.

How do I archive a folder?

Open the folder options menu and find the 'Archive' option. You can restore a folder at any time, simply find the same options menu from the Archive (found near the bottom of your sidebar on the left). The restore function will work similarly to the 'Move' option (see above).

How do I delete a folder?

Look for the 'Trash' option at the bottom of the options menu. This will move the entire folder and its contents into your Trash, where it will automatically empty after 30 days. Want to clear up some space sooner? Go into the trash and further delete any folder or asset from there to clear the space immediately.


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