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How to Add Tags and Descriptions to Assets
How to Add Tags and Descriptions to Assets

Learn how to quickly add metadata to help you organize and search for for your assets.

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Once you start uploading several projects to Wipster for review, a great way to stay organized is by adding tags and descriptions to all your project assets.

Tags and descriptions are searchable properties that will help you to categorize and locate assets.

To add tags or a description, click on the "Info" panel on the right-hand side while in your asset view. Directly under the asset title you can enter the information or tags that will help you identify and search for your project.ย 

To update the asset Description, use the 'save' button under the Description field after typing in the new Description.
To add a new tag, just hit the 'Enter' key after typing in the tag name.

To search tags and descriptions, from the Dashboard or Media Library, click the Magnifying Glass icon in the top right, near your username.

Assets that match your current search term will appear as you type in your search.

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