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How to Comment
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To leave a comment in Wipster, simply click or tap on the frame of the Asset Viewer. This simple interface works regardless of asset type.

If the asset type you're viewing is video or audio, your comment will be made at a specific point in the timeline, corresponding to where the playhead is sitting.

Another way to comment is by lassoing a rectangular area on the Asset Viewer. To do this, click and hold for one moment, then drag your cursor to define the rectangular area.

If you are a team member, comments will be public (i.e., viewable by reviewers) by default. You can switch comments to Team-only by clicking the lock icon in the comment box. Team-only comments are only visible to logged-in Team Members, and will not be seen by external reviewers.

Mention a Team Member

To mention a member of your team and tag them in your comment, just type the '@' symbol, followed by their name. This will notify them that the've been mentioned in the comment.

Once you type '@', you'll see a dropdown list displaying team members available for tagging.

Add an image to a comment

After you've saved a comment, you can attach an image to it. To do so, just click the 3 dots on the menu, and select Upload Attachment.

Once it's been uploaded, any viewers with visibility to the comment can open, view and save the attached image.

Attach emojis to comments

Wipster includes emoji support to add that extra bit of expressiveness to your comments. Just open up the emoji keyboard on your device and choose the one that speaks to you!

Edit or delete a comment

If you need to edit or delete a comment you've made, just open up the menu for that comment by clicking the 3 dots on the comment.

Print or save comments

Comments on any asset can be printed/saved in either PDF or CSV format. To do so, just open up the side panel on the right-hand side by clicking the Download icon (see image). If comments are present, you'll get an option to download the relevant comment files as shown.

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