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Importing from Dropbox
Importing from Dropbox
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Creative teams go from idea to delivery faster with Dropbox and Wipster! Integrate your Wipster account with Dropbox to easily save and import.

Save to Dropbox

​Click the ellipsis symbol over your asset and click to Save to Dropbox.​

Log in to your Dropbox account, or create a new one.

Choose the location, then click to save.

You can also select multiple assets and save back to Dropbox through clicking the logo in upper right hand corner.

Import from Dropbox

Option 1:

Click the arrow next to the Upload button, then click Import from Dropbox.
Log in to your existing Dropbox account.
Choose a file to import to Wipster.

Option 2:

Hover over an asset and click the ellipsis symbol. Click to Import from Dropbox.

Any questions, we're here to help!

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