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Feature Summary

The closed captions feature allows Team Members to upload caption files in SRT or VTT format and for Reviewers to enable them when reviewing the associated video.

A video may have multiple caption files associated which can be selected from the "CC" option within the video player toolbar.

The caption files can also be download in original format.

Who has access to captions?

The following plans have closed captions enabled:

  • Team (and Team trial)

  • Business

  • Enterprise

Viewing captions in the Video review tool

If caption files have been uploaded by a Team Member the review tool will automatically make them available to Reviewers.

Reviewers can choose to display captions by selecting the "CC" button in the player menu bar and choosing the caption file they wish to use.

If the video has no associated closed caption files the "CC" button will not be displayed.

If a share permits Reviewers to download they will also be able to download caption files. This option can be found in the "download" menu in the right hand menu bar.

Uploading and managing captions

Closed caption files can be uploaded to Wipster and associated with video assets by Team Members.

Closed captions menu

The captions management menu can be found by clicking into a Video asset in the Media Library and choosing the "CC" option from the right hand menu bar.

Upload caption files

Press the "Upload caption file" button.

Select the SRT or VTT file to be uploaded and provide the title, type (caption, subtitle, description) and language.

There is no limit to the number of caption files which can be associated with a video.

Copy captions from previous video asset versions

When a new video asset version is uploaded caption files associated with the older version are not automatically copied across. Should this be desired the option to 'Import from previous version' will be available with the caption menu.

Delete caption files

Delete a caption file by clicking the Trash icon for that caption within the Captions menu.

Download closed captions

Caption files can be downloaded by clicking the download icon.

Edit closed captions

Editing of closed caption files, including the filename is not currently supported.

Downgraded accounts

Should an account be downgraded to Free, existing closed caption files will be kept and can be viewed by Reviewers or downloaded and deleted by Team Members. No further uploads will be permitted.

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