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Duplicate assets with a clean slate for comments!

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Do you need to create a copy of a file for a fresh round of reviews? Do you have a multi-phase review process with different guests involved in each stage? This feature has your name on it!

The 'Copy to Folder' function duplicates the latest version of a file and removes any comments. It's like starting fresh with the most up to date version.

Even better, a copy doesn't use up any additional storage space...although any new versions you add on top of it will.

How does it work?

Select the file you wish to duplicate, hit the '...' button and and choose 'Copy to folder'

Or select multiple files and choose the 'Copy to folder' bulk action.

The copy feature works on files not folders. If you include a folder in your multi-select the 'Copy to folder' option won't be available. Just remove any folders from your selection and you'll be good to go!

The 'Copy to folder' dialog will appear allowing you to choose where you want your copies to go. Including in the same folder as the original if you wish.

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