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A list of Keyboard Shortcuts to help you control Wipster's asset viewer

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Note: This article applies to our updated review tools. Shortcuts for the legacy tools can be found from the Keyboard shortcuts icon in the right-hand sidebar.

Video review tool

  1. J Shuttle Left (play in reverse, multiple presses increase rate)

  2. K Shuttle stop (pause playback)

  3. L Shuttle Right (play forwards, multiple presses increase rate)

  4. Space Play/Pause

  5. next frame (hold to seek forwards)

  6. previous frame (hold to seek backwards)

  7. Shift+→ Skip forward 10 frames

  8. Shift+← Skip forward 10 frames

  9. 1-9 Skip through video 10% - 90%

  10. C Toggle closed captions on/off

  11. F Full screen

  12. M Mute audio

Audio review tool

  1. J or Seek Backwards

  2. K or Space Play/Pause

  3. L or Seek Forwards

  4. Shift+→ Skip forward 10s

  5. Shift+← Skip forward 10s

  6. 1-9 Skip through track 10% - 90%

  7. M Mute audio

PDF review tool

  1. Page Down Go to next page

  2. Page Up Go to previous page

Image review tool

  1. + Zoom in

  2. - Zoom out

  3. 0 Reset zoom

Shortcuts for Reviewing/Commenting

  1. View next comment on timeline

  2. View previous comment on timeline

  3. Esc Cancel and Close an active new comment

  4. > Go to the next file in a multi-item review

  5. < Go to the previous file in a multi-item review

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