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Q: What’s happening?

A: Happy New Year! Our new review tools are coming out of beta on Jan 11th, replacing the legacy screens.

Q: What does this mean for me?

A: When you follow a review link or login to Wipster and view a media file you’ll be using our new review tools with all their shiny new capabilities.

Q: What’s changed?

A: Many new features and quality of life improvements We’ve covered a lot of this over the course of the beta <link to blogs or getting started support article?> but here’s the short version:

  • Work wherever you want. On any device, Desktop or Mobile

  • Easier to use UI across all media types. Video, Image, PDF and audio

  • Better visibility into the progress of your reviews and your reviewers

  • More powerful version comparison for all media types

  • Our URL for the new tools has changed from to If you work in an environment where you need to whitelist URLs then you may need to add our new URL to your list

Q: If I’m familiar with the old tools. Has anything moved or changed that I should know about?

A: In our experience most people using the new tools find them more intuitive, however some features have moved or work a little differently.

  • All the various Downloads, media files, caption files and comment exports have been consolidated into a New Downloads menu available from the right-hand sidebar

  • Creating a box comment works slightly differently. Click, hold down for 1/2 sec, then drag.

  • Enabling or disabling email notifications has been made more prominent. Look for it in the Info section of the right-hand-sidebar

Q: What if there’s a problem and I need to use the legacy review tools?

A: In the unlikely event of an issue, you’ll be able to revert to the legacy review tools from the Info menu in the sidebar.

Q: How long will the legacy review tools remain available?

A: We plan on retaining them for at least 1 month from the launch date. Rest assured we’ll be keeping our eye on how things are going, squashing any bugs and responding to feedback over that time

Q: What if I need some help?

A: We have all new support documentation taking you though the new tools however a great place to start is our Quick Setup Guide. You can of course also reach out to us via the ‘Get in touch’ option in the right-hand sidebar

Q: I’m pretty new to Wipster, how can I tell which tools I’m using?

A: Good point! It’s quite possible you’re already using them in their beta form. The differences vary a bit depending on what type of file you’re looking at but one way to tell is to take a look at the right-hand sidebar.

New (dark mode) New (light mode) Old

Q: Why have you made these changes?

A: The review tools are the beating heart of Wipster, however they’d been around for a while and were becoming difficult to maintain and update. By starting afresh we’ve been able to rethink the way they’re built, adopt the latest tech and implement customer feedback that we hadn’t previously been able to bring to life. Most importantly they’re a new foundation for us to build out from to tackle even more of your review and approval challenges in future!

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