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If you’re not familiar with how the Withfriends platform or profiles work, learn about all the features available to attendees, members, and organizers on Withfriends in these two articles:

Features for navigating Discovery, Movements, and more

Features for anyone to manage their account on Withfriends

The following are features specifically for members on Withfriends!


Become a member

To become a member on Withfriends, sign up for a membership to any Movement by

  • Adding a membership to your purchase while buying a ticket or RSVPing to an event, during checkout

  • Visiting the Join page by clicking "View Memberships" on a follow up email you receive from Withfriends after buying a ticket.

  • Visiting the Join page of any Movement when organizers share it on social media or newsletters, or from our suggestions in the Weekly Members Newsletter, or by using the Discovery features on Withfriends


Testimonials are a way to share what made you excited about becoming a member in the first place, either with the organizers privately, or with the public, helping get more people excited about becoming members themselves!

Membership dashboard

To access your Memberships, visit your Profile and navigate to the Memberships Tab

Membership dashboard gives you a quick overview of what Movements you’re a member of

  • Membership cards show you the basics for each of your memberships

  • See how far along the Movements you support are to reaching their Quarterly goals

  • How long you’ve been a member

  • Manage memberships to change your level and see your benefits

  • Upcoming events happening at the space

Automated benefits

Automated benefits are available throughout the platform, based on what benefits your membership level offers, as long as you’re logged in

  • Discounts - buy tickets at a cheaper price than other attendees

  • Pre-Sale - buy tickets to events before the general public has the opportunity to buy them

On-site benefits

On-site benefits are available for select memberships, like special drinks or items, access to different areas, gifts to pick-up. If an organizer isn’t using our Mobile check-in or Membership lookup app to verify your membership, navigate to your Memberships dashboard and show them on your phone to receive your benefits.

Weekly members newsletter

Our Weekly members newsletter is an email that is specially customized to every member based on the values behind the Movements and Events they care about, and overall membership activity on Withfriends. We use this weekly newsletter to deliver Upcoming events to your inbox from the Movements you’re a member of, and we recommend Movements that share values and members with yours.

Message from the organizers

Keep an eye on your inbox! Based on the benefits related to each membership program, organizers can use messaging tools in their dashboard to deliver playlists, private events, and more custom member benefits with their members. 

Member feedback

The Member feedback form helps us build new Automated benefits, and share feedback with organizers about how they can make their memberships feel great. Consider sharing your experience as a member so far.

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