Congratulations on becoming a member of one of the hundreds of organizers on Withfriends. With your purchase, you have received an email detailing the benefits related to the membership level you now have, and a login associated with your email that you can use to login in anywhere on Withfriends.

Certain organizers have customized membership benefits, so always be sure to read your membership welcome letter careful, as they may include special instructions for your membership tier.

We'll briefly walk through the following 4 types of member benefits here

  • Discounted tickets (including free tickets)

  • Early Access tickets (before they go on sale)

  • Members-Only tickets (just for you)

  • On-Site Benefits (like skipping the line, or coat check)

  • Reward pick-up (like stickers, t-shirts, or pins)

Discounted Tickets

  1. Log into your account* in the upper right of any page on Withfriends

  2. Navigate to the Memberships or Events tab from you dashboard

  3. Begin purchasing the ticket; you will see the discount automatically applied!**

Additional Details

Under Memberships, you can select Upcoming Events to see the list of events at for the organizer you're a member of.

Under Events, you can search for any venue, organizer, or event name, if you already know what you're looking for.

If you're already logged in, you'll be taken to your dashboard automatically when visiting

If the organizer is using another ticketing platform (like Eventbrite) then the checkout will complete on Eventbrite.

Early Access + Members-only Tickets

For Early Access or Members-Only tickets, log in just like with Discounted Tickets. When looking at the list of Upcoming Events for a venue or organizer, these tickets will only be visible to you.

To see a quick list of Early Access tickets available at any given time with your membership, navigate to the Events tab in your dashboard, and select Early Access.

To help keep you aware of your Early Access tickets before they are available to the general public, Withfriends will send you a member newsletter each week highlighting the Upcoming Events that are just for you. 

On-site Benefits + Rewards Pick-up

Every organizer has a different location on site or at the event where a benefit may be redeemed; at the door, at the bar, at the merch table, or cash register. Ask a staff member when you arrive if you're not sure where to go. 

If an organizer is using our Mobile Check-in or Members Look-up apps, they may simply need your name and ID to verify your membership and offer you your rewards or benefits, but in certain busy situations, the ideal method is to present them with your Member Badge.

To access that on your mobile device, follow these similar instructions

  1. Log into your account* in the upper right of any page on Withfriends

  2. Navigate to the Memberships tab in your dashboard

  3. Select Show My Membership to present your Member Badge

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a membership, but it isn't showing up when I log in.
This is typically because the email address you logged in with doesn't match the email address you purchased the membership with. If you're having trouble identifying the original email associated with the membership, just email

When purchasing a discounted ticket, the checkout shows the event as sold out.
This is typically because the event is already sold out. Certain membership levels give you pre-sale access to tickets, so you can grab them before they sell out! If the organizer is using another ticketing platform (like Eventbrite) there may be a delay in the sync between platforms. If you believe you're seeing this message in error, just email

How does the rebate work when purchasing a membership after a ticket purchase?
The rebate (equal to the discount you would have received on the tickets you purchased if you already has a membership) is automatically applied to your membership fee. It applies moving forward as credit every month until you use the full amount.  Only after then will you start being charged monthly for the price of your membership. If you have any other questions, just email

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