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Nosso Advent Calendar
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What is the Nosso Advent Calendar?

We've created an Advent Calendar so that we can deliver a mini present every day in December in the run-up to Christmas Day. Every day you'll be able to visit your app and open your Advent Calendar door to check your prize. Don't forget to check your app every day so you don't miss out.

What's behind the door of the Advent Calendar?

Don't ruin the surprise! You're in with a chance of winning up to £100 worth of prizes from us and our generous partners.

Is it the same prize every day?

You're in for a whole bunch of different surprises. Come back to the advent calendar each day to find out what's waiting for you.

Why can't I see the Advent Calendar on my app?

You need to have opened a Junior ISA and made a deposit into your Junior ISA account to be eligible for a Nosso Advent Calendar. If you have done this and you still can't see the Advent Calendar, just let us know and we'll look into that for you.

If I win money on my Advent Calendar, where does it go?

If you win a deposit on your Advent Calendar, that will go straight into your Junior ISA.

What if i have more than one child that I want to assign the prize to?

Don't worry, if you have multiple Junior ISA accounts with us, you can choose which account to assign any prize to. This means that no one should miss out.

Can I open the door at anytime?

You can open one door each day. Once you've opened your door just return anytime the next day and you'll be able to open your next door.

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