It's always free to put money aside (using the Automatic and Round-ups Savers), withdraw and switch your bills on Plum 🙌

If you wish to grow your money further and faster, we offer two premium options:

Plum Plus


To make your money work for you, Plum offers investments. We charge a monthly £1 fee for access to investments, with the first month free and charged only when you have money invested. 

Please note that there are also a yearly platform and fund management fee of 0.53% on average. This amount will depend on the value of your investments. You can read more about our investment fees in this article.

Plum Pro


Like Plum Plus, you'll have full access to Plum investments, but you'll also be able to use Plum's smart auto-deposit rules:

  • Rainy Days: you choose the amount Plum puts aside for you every time it rains.
  • 52 week challenge: Plum saves you on a weekly basis for an entire year.
  • Pockets: Different saving accounts inside Plum intended for various events/purposes.
  • Pay Days: a saving rule that allows you to schedule a certain amount to go to your savings, on the day you get paid. (iOS only)
  • Diagnostics Report: aims to give you a picture of your monthly spending compared to other users in your cohort and thus help you save even more! 
  • True Balance: a feature providing you with a number that reflects your true financial picture. (iOS only)

Alongside the rules, you can create your personalised Pockets for your money, set goals for them and choose how to split each deposit.  

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