If you invite friends, Plum will add a referral bonus to your Plum Savings!

The current Referral bonus is £25 for each third successful invite up to a maximum of 15. After 15 successful invites the Referral bonus changes to £5 for each subsequent successful invite (instead of the £25 for 3).

  • As soon as you have a successful invite, you’ll be informed by Plum. You can track your progress in the invite menu by typing 'invite'.
  • The referral bonus will then be reviewed and - subject to checks - paid into your Plum savings 1-3 working days after this message has been received.
  • Successful invites are users who have completed signing up to Plum and successfully link a bank account.

In Messenger:

To get your referral link click on ‘Invite & Earn £25’ within your Plum menu.

In the iOS app: 

In the bottom bar tap 'invite' and select 'invite friends'. You can either send it via SMS, Facebook, or email or you can tap 'copy' to copy the referral link. 


We can only continue to reward referrals if the system is used fairly and in good faith. Please don't ruin it for everyone else.

Please refrain from:

  • Inviting users who are already Plum users
  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Inviting people to use Plum under false pretenses (e.g. monetary reward)
  • Inviting fictitious people
  • Inviting users who only intend to invite others rather than use Plum
  • Inviting users who intend to cancel once you have received your bonus

Plum reserves the right to limit the invite rewards if it suspects you did not use the invite program in good faith, or breached any of the above terms. In cases of suspected fraud further action may be taken and your Plum account may be suspended and/or your bonus withheld from you. 

For tips on how to make the most out of your referral link here.

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