How do moods work?

Decide how much the Automatic saver will put aside

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What are moods?

Moods is a feature that applies to the Automatic Depositor alone. What it does is 'tell' the algorithm how much to set aside for you compared to your monthly baseline.

Your baseline is based on your recent income/spending/outgoings and is recalculated each and every time Plum tries to make an auto-deposit for you.

When your mood is set to 'normal' (the default mood) Plum tries to deposit this baseline for you over the month.

When you change your mood, Plum applies a multiplier to this baseline to increase or reduce the amount Plum plans to tuck aside for you across the month.

For example on Beast mode you essentially tell Plum to deposit 75% more than it normally would.

Beast Mode = Baseline x 1.75 (giving you 75% more deposits a month)

How to adjust your mood

Go to 'Brain' and select 'Automatic' under 'Rules'. From there you can tap 'Current mood' to update your mood. 


By default, Plum's mood is 


If you want to put more aside, you can change it to:

😎'Eager' (25% more)
🤑'Ambitious' (50% more).
🦁'Beast Mode' (75% more).

If you want to put less aside, you can change it to:

😴'Chilled' (25% less)
🙈'Shy' (50% less).

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