We do charge to use investments. Although investments is a paid feature, we’ve tried to ensure the process is intuitive and that all fees are totally transparent… whether you invest £50 or £5,000! 

Here’s an overview of the key features:

  • It is £1.00 per month with Plum Plus (the first month is free!)
  • Also included with Plum Pro, which is priced at £2.99 per month
  • 0.51% annual average fund management and provider fee*
  • No hidden transaction or trading costs
  • No hidden withdrawal costs (or limits), or exit costs

For example, if you were to invest £1,500 with Plum then it would cost you an average of £18 per year, regardless of how many buy or sell orders you place.

*Average figure across all investment funds we offer, including a management fee of 0.15%, plus a 0.06%–0.90% fund provider fee (depending on the funds you select).

Both your subscription and fund management fees are charged annually, billed monthly, and automatically reflected in your portfolio balance. Fees are taken from your bank by direct debit, with your investment subscription taken on the monthly anniversary of your first deposit (remember though that your first month is free!).

Fund Management Fees
These are charged by our technology partner and fund administrator, Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd., for management of the investment account. This will typically include buying and selling funds, preparing statements, and managing ISAs etc.

Fund Provider Fees
These are charged for the service of creating the fund. These fees are not reflected in any statements, as the fund providers simply adjust the price on a daily basis to collect their fees.

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