Am I Eligible to Invest?
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To invest with Plum you just need to be over the age of 18 years old, and a tax-resident of the United Kingdom.

Can American Citizens sign up to Investments?

We are afraid it is not possible for Americans to use Plum investments. This applies even with dual citizenship. The reasons are as follows:

  1. US citizens living overseas face onerous tax reporting requirements. These can apply even where no tax is payable. (In some cases, they can even apply to people who have never lived or worked in the US.)

  2. There are strict rules governing the type of investments US citizens can hold. Some of the most prevalent and popular investments available in the UK, for example, are taxed punitively by the US authorities. To ensure they don’t make extremely costly mistakes, Americans abroad almost always should obtain good and regular investment advice, from someone who is knowledgeable about the relevant tax issues.

  3. New legislation that took effect in July 2014, called FATCA, placed heavy obligations on non-US banks and financial companies to report details of their US-linked customers to the US Internal Revenue Service. Rather than do this, many companies simply stopped accepting Americans as clients, and began asking those they did have to move their accounts elsewhere.

Bear in mind they can still use Plum's other features!

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