The graph on our landing page compares the historic returns generated from earning interest in a typical, high-street bank savings account, against the investment funds offered by Plum. These illustrate the power of compound interest, and the potential benefits of investing for the long-term.

It is important to be aware that, whilst we’ve sought to compare the differing returns offered, these two options represent very different levels of risk. A bank account and an investment fund are two separate financial products with different levels of risk. In addition, a bank account is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), whereas Plum Investments are not FSCS protected, and hence your capital is at risk. Therefore, we are not comparing financial products but only illustrating the differences in potential interest to be earned with Plum.

Our findings show that the average return offered by a ​bank savings account was 0.01%​. When compared to the 5-year performance of the​ investment funds offered by Plum​, we see a far greater return (albeit with differing risk levels) of​ 8.51%​. See below for further details on these calculations.

Investment returns are based on historic performance over the past 5 years. Please note that past results are not a reliable predictor of future performance.

High Street Bank Interest Rates - 0.01% on average per year

For benchmarking purposes the bank accounts listed below, alongside their relevant links and interest rates included, have been selected because they offer an equivalent level of flexibility to Plum (i.e. there are no penalties for immediate withdrawal of your funds). The major banks, with respective interest rates (as of 19th June 2020) are detailed below.

A return on Plum Funds over a 5 year average - 8.51% per year

We designed Plum investments to be super-easy, which is why we provide a range of diversified funds comprising a mixture of stocks and bonds. In order to calculate the 5-year average annual return (correct as 18th June 2020), we have adjusted the fund performance by accounting for the fund management fees and also the Β£1 per month, Plum subscription fee. The figures quoted are therefore the actual β€˜net’ return delivered over the past 5 years. The figures used are listed below, alongside their relevant links and respective 5-year average annual returns.

High Street Bank Interest Rates

(As of 18th June 2020 unless stated otherwise)


Flexible Saver​, 0.01%

Easy Saver, 0.01%

Instant Saver, 0.01%

Instant Saver, 0.01%

Everyday Saver, 0.01% ​(From 28th July 2020 onwards)

Easy Saver, 0.01%

Instant Saver, 0.01%

Everyday Saver, 0.01% ​(From 7th July 2020 onwards)

Instant Access Saver, 0.01%

Plum Funds Returns - 5 years annualised return

(As of 18th June 2020)

Slow & Steady, 5.15%

Balance Bundle, 7.28%

Growth Stack, 8.26%

Rising Stars, 2.54% ​(3 years annualised)

Tech Giants, 24.83%

Clean & Green, 2.15%

American Dream, 14.31%

Best of British, 2.35%

Europe Essentials, 7.79%

Medics, 10.48%

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