With Messenger:

You can withdraw from your Plum account by typing 'withdraw' or by tapping 'Home' on the Menu, then the 'Savings' button and selecting 'Withdraw' on the Savings card.

With the iOS App:

From the Home page tap 'saving' then tap 'Withdraw'.


If the withdrawal request is made before 3 pm the money should be deposited in your bank account on the same business day (Monday to Friday) or the next business day at the very latest. This does mean that if the request is made on a Friday, funds may not arrive until the following Monday.

If your funds are invested, you first need to withdraw your money from your investments before you can send them back to your bank account. Depending on the type of investment, this takes about 5 working days (for funds) and can take longer for RateSetter where your investment needs to be sold before it can be withdrawn.

Money going back to your bank account will show on your statement as MANGOPAY.

There are no fees or limits for withdrawing money from your Plum savings.

If you want to withdraw more than £700, our partner (MangoPay) will need a clear picture of your passport for KYC ("Know Your Customer") requirements. KYC is a process that all financial institutions need to go through for security and fraud purposes. We will get in touch if this happens.

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