There may be areas where you spend more or less than other people, so we’ve put this information into a monthly Diagnostics report. It compares last month to the previous month.

Diagnostics shows you where you stand against your “financial look-a-likes” – people of a similar age, location, and income as you. 👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏿

When you understand your spending better, it is easier to see where you could be making changes to achieve your goals! 🎯

👉 To find your Diagnostics report, pop to the app and tap on your 'Main account' on the Homescreen.

Plum will then display your financial 'lookalikes':

And how your spending compares to theirs the past 3 months:

...and specifically, the previous month sorted by category:

Finally, if you scroll a bit further down, you'll get more details per category via the Category Deep Dive:

How to change category of transactions

If you see a transaction category that might not be as accurate as you'd like, you can edit it!

Just go to the Diagnostics report:

  1. Select a category (Shopping, Bills etc.)
  2. Tap on the transaction that needs to be edited > Tap Edit
  3. Pick a new Category from the list
  4. Select if you want that change to affect this one or all of the transactions similar to it.
  5. You're done 🎉

This transaction will now appear on the correct category from now on!

Tap on your profile to give Diagnostics a try on Plum Pro, and enjoy the first month on us. 😍

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