The table below demonstrates the effect that fees/charges, time and performance could potentially have on the returns you receive. Please note that this is just an example, so in reality your circumstances will likely differ. Here’s what you might get back from your SIPP investment:

The above table shows what the value of your SIPP could be, and the annual income it could provide using a range of possible contributions and periods to retirement. These figures account for the effects of inflation, so are in ‘real terms’. The figures are based on the following assumptions;

  • 5% annual growth

  • An inflation rate of 2%

  • Retirement at age 65

  • Income is the annual amount that would be payable from a single life, level annuity paid monthly in advance with no guarantee and no tax-free cash

The actual rates of return and charges incurred will depend on the portfolio in which you are invested, the value of your portfolio and the performance of your investments. As such, returns may differ from those shown above.

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