The Plum SIPP is just one part of the Plum platform, which helps you save more, lower bills, manage your budget and invest simply.

The Plum SIPP is available free of subscription charges (i.e. you do not have to subscribe to one of the paid tiers, either Plum Plus or Plum Pro).

However there are other fees to consider:

  1. Product provider fee: 0.45% per year. This fee is charged annually, billed monthly and deducted from your SIPP investments.

  2. Fund management fee: The manager of the funds you choose for your Plum SIPP will charge a fee for this service. Each fund may have slightly different charges, but these will usually be a percentage of the amount you have in the fund. Fund managers will automatically deduct their fees from the fund they manage.

Each fund has a Key Investor Information Document (KIID), provided by the fund manager. This will give you details of the fund, including its fees. A summary of the fees associated with each of the feed offered by Plum app for your SIPP can be found below:



Retiring in 2040


Retiring in 2045


Retiring in 2050


Retiring in 2055


Retiring in 2060


Retiring in 2065


Future Planet


Global Growth


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