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COACH-Logging into Genius and locating a student account
COACH-Logging into Genius and locating a student account

This article shows coaches (school personnel who monitor students) how to log into Genius and access a student's account.

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Go to the eAcademy™ website ( and click eAcademy Users Login Here! or click Login from the top menu bar.

Click your own school district’s name.

Login: Enter your login name, which is your complete school district email address.

Password: If an account was created for you, use the provided password. If you're also a teacher, enter the password you use to access your school’s computer network. If you forgot your password, please contact your school district for assistance.

Click Sign me in. If you're also a teacher, you may have two roles in Genius; the default role is set to Teacher. If you're not a teacher, then you'll only have the Coach role.

For those with two roles (teacher and coach), click the drop-down arrow next to Teacher at the top right of the page and select Coach to change roles.

Genius Left Navigation Menu

Dashboard: From the Genius Dashboard, you can view Recent Enrollments, Recent Drops, Teachers, and Notifications (e.g., uploaded IEPs, 504 plans, or messages).

Dashboard Example

Notifications: View any recently uploaded GIEPs, IEPs, 504 Plans, or messages sent to you.

Go to LMS: Access one of our Learning Management Systems by clicking the computer icon.

Global Search: You can search for a student, teacher, or affiliation (your school district) using the Global Search function.

Better ways to locate students are described below.

Locating a Student's Account

Here are three ways to locate a student’s account.

Option 1: Type the student’s name in the Search box at the top right of the page and click the desired student’s name.

If the name is a common name, click view all to see the entire list and then make your selection to go to the student’s Main Page.

Option 2: From the top menu bar, click the Students link, which displays all students from the school district. You may need to navigate to other pages to locate the student.

When you locate the student’s name, click the name to go to the student’s Main Page.

Option 3: From the top menu bar, click the Students link.

From the left navigation menu, click Find Student to search all pages of students.

Enter part of the student’s first or last name in the search box. Wait for the student’s name to populate. Do not click Go yet.

Once the name(s) populate, click the desired student’s name.

Click Go. The student’s Main Page will appear.

Student’s Main Page

Navigating the Student’s Account as a Coach

Main Information

Main Page:

~ Basic Information: Displays basic student information, such as name, gender, birth date, school, and email address.

~ Academic Snapshot: Displays a list of courses the student is enrolled in, including the teacher, start date, and current cumulative grade to date.

~ Recent Communications: Displays a list of the most recent communication entries, including who contacted the student, when the communication took place, and what was discussed.

~ Recent Activity: Displays the student’s online activity level (in minutes) for the last 7 days.

~ Dashboard: Displays Recent Enrollments, Recent Drops, Teachers and Emails, and Notifications (e.g., uploaded IEPs, 504 plans, or messages).

~ External Files: Displays any external files, such as IEPs or 504 plans, attached to the student profile.

~ View Calendar: Displays any events scheduled for a particular month. Clicking on an event displays the event details.

Historic Data

~ Student Log: Displays a list of enrollment events associated with the student.

~ View Transcript: Displays the unofficial transcript of any completed courses. For each completed course, the transcript shows the term, course name, final grade, and credits.

~ Transcript Analysis: Displays the student’s completed list of courses.

~ Logins: Displays by month the number of days the student logged into the system. Clicking a date displays the time of day the student logged in.


~ View Communications: Displays a list of communications between the student and school staff and includes the user name, communication date, subject, and contents. Clicking the document icon in the left column opens up a window with detailed information about the communication entry.

~ Add Communication: Allows users to add an entry to the communication log. Users select a category and subject and then enter the content that needs to be recorded. For example, if a user calls the student or has an in-person meeting with the student, this can be manually added to the communication log.


~ Snapshot: Provides an “at-a-glance” view of the current academic status including enrollment dates, current cumulative grade to date, number of assignments completed, total assignments, pacing status, and last activity. This page also displays the status for the grade, pacing, number of 0’s, and course login activity.

~ Gradebook: Displays the assignment name, total possible points, earned points, grade %, completion date, comments, and due date for each course.

~ Student Activity: Displays the approximate number of minutes and percentage of time the student spent on each course.

~ Activity Heatmap: Displays assignments completed on a given day as well as the number of logged minutes for each course.

~ Enrollment History: Displays the student’s active, completed, and dropped courses.


~ Send Email: Within Genius, users can send emails to students and can select multiple recipients including the student’s guardian and main Online Education Advisor (also called Affiliation).

~ Associate to Coach: Displays any coaches and guardians associated to the student. Coaches are school staff members assigned to monitor a student’s progress in eAcademy.


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