The Moodle Import function allows you to copy your course materials from one course to another. If you’re only importing (copying) a few items into another course, it’s recommended that you duplicate the items and move them into an unused section of your current course. Then, you’ll only be importing the section that contains all the items you want to import into an existing course.

Creating a new section and duplicating items

  1. Open the course you will copy items from.

    1. If you have unused sections in your course, you can copy items into one of them.

    2. If you need to add another section to your course, follow these steps:

      1. Click Turn editing on at the top right of your course home page.

      2. Scroll to the bottom of your course sections and click Add topics.

      3. Enter the number of sections you wish to add and then click Add topics.

  2. For each item you wish to copy, click Edit to the right of the item name and then click Duplicate. The duplicate resource or activity appears immediately below the original.

  3. Drag the duplicate item into the new section. If the course you are copying from is being accessed by students, to avoid confusing them, hide the section you created for the duplicate items.

Using the Import function to copy items from one course to another

  1. Open the course you will import item(s) into.

  2. Click the Actions menu (gear icon) and then click Import.

  3. From the Import page, select the course you want to copy items from and click Continue. If the course is not listed, use the Search box. NOTE: Only courses for which you are the instructor will appear in the list.

  4. Click Next and select all the items you want to copy (activities, resources, blocks, filters, question bank).

  5. On the next page, you will select the items to copy. By default, all the sections and the items in them are selected. Click None at the top of the page to deselect all sections and the activities/resources they contain.

  6. Scroll down to locate the section you created for the items you will copy into your target course and select the check box for the section and the check boxes for the items to copy. NOTE: You will not be able to select an item unless the section it is in has been selected.

  7. Click Next. The Confirmation and Review page will open. Review the items. Items to be copied will have a green check mark; items that will not be copied will have a red X.

  8. To make any changes, click Previous to return to the previous page.

  9. Once your selections are correct, click Perform Import. Moodle will copy the selected items into the section of the corresponding location of the target course. For example, if it is the 15th section in the course, it will be added as the 15th section of the target course. NOTE: If the target course has more sections than the course you are copying from, especially if the target course already contains content, add additional sections to the course you are copying from.

  10. Click Continue to finish the process. You’ll be returned to your course home page. Locate the copied items and drag them into the applicable section.

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