Due date settings for Moodle graded items trigger the mechanism that transmits grades to Genius, our Student Information System. This allows us to accurately report grades back to school districts.

~ Make sure the date setting falls within the nine-week period in which you want the grade to appear in the Genius Gradebook.

~ Each graded item listed below has additional required settings you must enable when creating them. Review the New eAcademy Teacher Training to learn more about the additional settings for each of these graded items.


All eAcademy quizzes must have an Open the quiz date/time, Close the quiz date/time, and the correct Grade category. Remember to check the box next to Enable for each setting.

Timing section: Open the quiz / Close the quiz

Grade section: Grade category


All graded assignments must have a Due date and the correct Grade category. Remember to check the box next to Enable. Allow submissions from is enabled by default when you create an assignment.

Availability section: Due date

Grade section: Grade category


All graded forums must have the following settings enabled:

Availability section

~ Due date: This setting enables the forum to appear in the Moodle calendar.

Ratings section

Aggregate type: Sum of ratings

~ This setting defines how ratings are combined to form the final grade in the Moodle gradebook. With Sum of ratings, all ratings are added together allowing you to assess the quality and quantity of posts at the same time. If desired, select a different aggregate type that may better meet your course needs (e.g., Average of ratings, Maximum rating, Minimum rating).

Restrict ratings to items with dates in this range

~ Check the box next to Restrict ratings to items with dates in this range.

~ Set the From date (date when students are permitted to respond to the forum).

~ Set the To date to exactly match the Due date you set under the Availability section. The To date is the actual due date that appears in the Genius Gradebook.

Grade category

~ Select the Grade category that aligns with your due date.

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