There may be times when a student needs more time on a quiz or a second attempt on a quiz. User overrides let you make changes to quiz settings for some, or all, of your students.

Navigate to your Moodle course.

From the course home page when in Editing mode, click the Quiz name.

From the right side of the page, click the Actions menu (1) and then click User overrides (2).


Click Add user override. User overrides that have already been created will be listed on this page. If you haven’t created any user overrides for this quiz, you’ll only see the Add user override button.

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Override user (1) and select a student from the list (2).


Require password: If you type in a password, the student must enter it in order to attempt the quiz. This option is typically not necessary.


The Open the quiz and Close the quiz settings control when the student will have access to the quiz. Make adjustments to these settings to provide the student with enough time to complete the quiz.

If necessary, adjust the Time limit and Attempts allowed. If you’re extending the quiz time or availability for a student who has already attempted the quiz and the quiz is set to only allow 1 attempt, then you’ll need to set the Attempts allowed to at least 2.

Click Save or Save and enter another override.

Your selections will be listed on the User overrides page. Use the icons in the Action column to edit, copy, or delete an override.

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