If you did not place a graded item into a grade category or placed a graded item in the wrong grade category, here’s how to move the graded item to a new grade category.

Navigate to your Moodle course.

From the left navigation menu, click Grades.

Click the Setup tab.

To the left a graded item you want to move, click the Move icon . For this example, we’ll move Week 9 Assignment 2 from the 2nd Nine Weeks grade category to the 1st Nine Weeks grade category and place it directly under Week 9 Assignment 1.

If you have many graded items, look for the word Move next to the item so you know which one you will be moving.

Pay attention to where you want to move the item, and then click in the desired dashed box to move the graded item to the new location.

Click Continue.

Review the Gradebook and continue moving graded items as needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The default Max grade for each Nine Weeks total should equal 100. DO NOT make any changes to this value since any number other than 100 will skew the students’ grades.

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