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STUDENT-Verifying contact information in the Buzz platform
STUDENT-Verifying contact information in the Buzz platform

This article shows students how to verify their contact information in the Buzz platform

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The Buzz Platform is a learning management system where Accelerate Education courses are stored. The purpose of the contact information verification process is to ensure that information for/about students is not inadvertently being shared with unintended recipients.

All users that access the Buzz platform must verify their contact information (email address and any mobile phone number on file). Users can include teachers, students, and observers (OEAs, coaches, guardians / parents).

There are two methods by which Buzz communicates with users: via Email and via other Notifications.

Communication Methods


~ What it includes: Teachers may send messages to students and observers using the Clipboard, Communication, and People tools inside Buzz. Students may also initiate messages to their teachers.

~ Contact information used: The primary email address associated with a user record.


~ What it includes: Users have the option to have auto-generated and/or text message notifications sent to them for activity submissions, grade updates, enrollment status changes, etc.

~ Contact information used: User-provided email address and/or mobile phone number added to their user profile. By default, these values are blank unless the user has opted in for notifications.

Because there is more than one communication method from Buzz, users may be asked to verify up to three pieces of contact information.

1. The primary email address on a user account.

2. The notification email address on a user account.

3. The notification mobile phone number on a user account.

Users will only be prompted to verify each unique email address once, so if they use the same email for both their primary account email address and their notification email address, they will only need to complete the verification once. If a user has not opted in to receive notifications and has not specified a notification email address or a notification mobile phone number, then they will not be prompted to verify those items.

After logging into Genius, click Go to LMS from the left navigation menu.

Click the computer icon next to Accelerate Education.

Click SETTINGS on the notification banner.

Another way to access Settings is to click the drop-down triangle by your name at the top right of the page, and then click Settings.

Click SEND CODE and an email will be sent to the email address that is on file in Buzz.

Notifications preferences: If you set up Notifications preferences and use the same email address that is listed as your primary account email address, you only have to verify your email address one time. If the email address under Notifications preferences is different from the primary email address, then you will need to verify each email address separately.

Email verification: Go to your email, copy the code from the email message, and paste or type the number into the Code field in Buzz. Click Verify to complete the process.


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