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OEA-Associating a student account to a Coach in Genius
OEA-Associating a student account to a Coach in Genius

This article shows OEAs how to associate a student account to a Coach in Genius

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A Coach can be a Learning Support Teacher, Special Education Teacher, or a School Counselor who is monitoring a student’s progress in eAcademy™. In Genius, users must have a Coach role, either as a primary or secondary role, to be associated with a student.

If you need a Coach role added to a user’s account or you need a Coach account created, please submit a Help Desk Ticket. In the Help Desk Ticket, include the Coach’s first name, last name, and email address.

After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, locate the student’s account. At the top right of the page, enter the student’s name in the Search box, then click the student’s name to access the account.

From the left navigation menu under Actions, click Associate to Coach.

The page will display any current associations to Guardians and Coaches.

Click Add new association.

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of User, select a Coach, and then click Save. NOTE: If you cannot find the Coach in Genius, contact the Help Desk and request that a Coach account be created for the district staff member. Include the staff member’s name and email address in your request.

The new Coach is now added to the student’s account. If you need to delete a Coach from a student’s account, click the pencil icon to the left of the Coach’s name and then click Delete.

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