After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, locate the student’s account. At the top right of the page, enter the student’s name in the Search box, then click the student’s name to access the account.

From the left navigation menu under Enrollments, click Gradebook.

The page will display the student’s current gradebook, which shows the cumulative running grade.

Click the radio button to the left of the course name to view the individual assignments, which will be listed further down the page.

Here is an example of the course assignments list, which displays the assignment name, possible points, earned points, grade %, any teacher comments, and date/time due.

From the top right of the page, click Export Results to Excel.

Open (and then Save) the downloaded Excel file. Sheet 1 provides an overview of all the student’s courses. Sheet 2 provides the assignment details for the course you selected previously.

Example of Sheet 2

If you need to create progress reports for any other courses, repeat the above steps.

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