After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, locate the student’s account. At the top right of the page, enter the student’s name in the Search box, then click the student’s name to access the account.

From the left navigation menu, click External Files.

Click Upload new file.

Click Choose File and select the document to be uploaded.

Description: In the description, include the following items:

~ Student’s first and last name

~ Document type (IEP, GIEP, 504)

~ School year (some students may have documents from other school years)

Check the box next to the applicable document type.

Click Upload.

From the left navigation menu, click Edit Information.

Under Basic Information, to the Notes field add the Case Manager’s name and contact information so teachers have a point of contact when they have questions.

Scroll down to Additional Information and verify that Yes is selected for the applicable field corresponding to the file you uploaded.

~ Gifted 🞼

~ IEP🞼

~ Section 504🞼

This will automatically add a FLAG at the top of the student’s account so teachers can more easily locate students with these types of documents.

Click Save.

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