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GUARDIAN/PARENT-Creating a Report Card in Genius to see quarter grades
GUARDIAN/PARENT-Creating a Report Card in Genius to see quarter grades

This article shows guardians/parents how to create a report card in Genius to see quarter grades

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  • The Report Card report only provides quarter grades for students in Accelerate Education (AE) courses.

  • The grade in the Report Card report for AE courses taught by AE teachers, and not our local teachers, is the current cumulative grade to date and not a quarter grade. For AE courses, the teacher name will be listed as No Teacher.

  • Schoology quarter grades are emailed to district Online Education Advisors after the quarter ends.

For best results, enter the quarter’s Start Date and End Date when running the report. This ensures that all graded items for the quarter are included in the report.

The quarter dates for the 2023/2024 school year are as follows:

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

08/22/2023 – 10/24/2023

10/25/2023 – 01/08/2024

01/09/2024 – 03/11/2024

03/12/2024 – 05/17/2024

Go to the eAcademy website ( and click eAcademy Users Login Here! or click Login from the top menu bar.

Click your own school district's name and log into Genius with your guardian login information.

From the left navigation menu, click Report Card.

Start Date: Enter the quarter’s Start Date. For example, enter 08/22/2023 (1st quarter Start Date for the 2023/2024 school year).

End Date: Enter the quarter’s End Date. For example, enter 10/24/2023 (1st quarter End Date for the 2023/2024 school year).

Enrollment Status: Click the drop-down arrow and select Active.

Click Get Data.

The Report Card report will show the following information.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Affiliation Name (school district)

  • Grade Level

  • Course

  • Teacher

  • Enroll Date

  • First Login to Course

  • Last Activity (date of the student’s last activity in the course)

  • Course Progress (percentage of the course completed)

  • Grade to Date (Quarter grade)

  • Final Grade (appears once the course is marked Completed by eAcademy staff)

  • Status (student’s status in the course, e.g., Active, Dropped_Grace, Dropped)

Focus on the Grade to Date column. If desired, you can sort by any column heading.

Notice that the only course displaying a quarter grade is the Accelerate Education course. This course is highlighted in the image below. Since this course was taught by one of our local teachers, this was the quarter grade.

Additionally, if the teacher name is Teacher, No, this indicates that the course may have been taught by an AE teacher and the grade in the Report Card report would be the current cumulative grade to date instead of a quarter grade.

Example report for Quarter 3 during the 2023/2024 School Year

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