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STUDENT-Completing a quiz step by step in Moodle
STUDENT-Completing a quiz step by step in Moodle

This article shows students how to complete a quiz step by step in Moodle

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Access your course in Moodle and click the quiz name. Here’s an example.


Alternatively, when you get to the end of a Moodle book, click the quiz name at the bottom of the page.


The quiz instructions will be posted at the top of the page. You will also see Attempts allowed and the date and time when the quiz will open and close. Your teacher may also set a time limit, which will appear below the close date and time.

Click Attempt quiz now.

When the quiz opens, you may see only one question on a page or two or more questions on a page. Some of the questions you may see are multiple choice, true/false, matching, and essay questions.

With essay questions, you will have full use of the editing toolbar for bold, italics, underline, and adding images. Click the Toolbar Toggle button to expand the editing toolbar. You will type your essay answer below the toolbar.

Click Flag question if you want to skip the question and return to it before you submit the quiz.

For some questions, your teacher may allow (or require) you to upload a file. You can either drag and drop files into the Files area or you can click Add… and locate the file on your computer.

After you answer a question, click Next page at the bottom right of the page to go to the next question.

You may also be allowed to navigate to other questions by using the Quiz navigation panel to the right of a question. If permitted by your teacher, click any number to go to a different question.


Once you finish the quiz, click Finish attempt….


Next, you will see a summary of the quiz attempt. In the image below, you can see that Question 2 was flagged and not answered. This student would click Return to attempt and complete any unanswered questions.

When finished with the quiz, click Submit all and finish.

Read the Confirmation pop-up message. You will not be able to change your answers for the attempt after clicking Submit all and finish.

If you are not ready to submit the quiz, click Cancel. Otherwise, click Submit all and Finish.

On the next page, you will be able to review your quiz attempt. You will see when you started the quiz, when you completed the quiz, how long it took to complete, and your grade. For the grade, you may see Not yet graded if there are quiz questions that need to be scored by the teacher.

If your teacher selected immediate feedback, you will see which questions you answered correctly and which ones were incorrect. You may also see the number of points you earned for the question and your teacher may also display the correct answer, which you will see during your review.

In the image below, the Quiz navigation shows one question still needs to be scored (gray), two correct answers (green), one partially correct answer (yellow), and one incorrect answer (red).

When you’re done looking over your answers, click Finish review.

If your teacher allows multiple attempts and you would like to improve your grade, click Re-attempt quiz.

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