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STUDENT-Responding to a Q and A forum in Moodle
STUDENT-Responding to a Q and A forum in Moodle

This article shows students how to respond to a Q and A forum in Moodle

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In a Q and A forum, your teacher will post a question for you to answer. You must first post your own response before you can view anyone else’s response.

Access your course in Moodle and click the forum name. Here’s an example.

Read the instructions, listen to any voice recordings, and watch any videos that the teacher may have included. When you are ready to answer the question(s), scroll down to Discussion and click the link to the forum post.

Click the Reply link on the far right to add your response.

A Permalink allows you to link directly to a specific forum post so you can easily share it with others. If you click the permalink, it will be highlighted to the side, and you will see a specific web address, which you can then copy and paste to use elsewhere.

Enter your response in the text area. You can click Post to Forum or you may want to click Advanced to see additional options.

Click Advanced if you would like to edit your text, insert an image or recording, or attach a file to your post.

After clicking Advanced, click the Toggle Toolbar button to expand the editing toolbar and make any needed edits. If desired, you can attach or drag and drop a file in the Files area.

Once you are done writing your response (and attaching any files), click Post to Forum.

After posting your response, you will see a message indicating you have 30 minutes to make any changes.


If you need to edit your post, click Edit. You can also delete your post or reply to your own post.

You will be able to view other classmates’ posts after you have posted in the discussion and the maximum editing time has passed (typically 30 minutes).

Click the forum name again.

Under Discussion is a link to the teacher’s initial forum post. You will also see who started the post, the name of the person who last posted, and the number of replies.

Click the link to the forum post again.

To respond to any other forum posts, click Reply at the bottom right of the post.

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