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STUDENT-Viewing the Buzz Calendar to see your course activities
STUDENT-Viewing the Buzz Calendar to see your course activities

This article shows students how to view the Buzz Calendar to see their course activities

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Go to the eAcademy™ website ( and click District Log In from the top menu bar.

Click your own school district’s name.

Login: Enter your login name, which is your complete school district email address.

Password: Enter the password you use to access your school’s computer network. If you forgot your password, please contact your school district for assistance.

Click Sign me in.

From the Genius Dashboard, click a course name listed under Academic Snapshot. This will take you to the home page of the Buzz learning management system (LMS) where your courses are located.

From the top left of the Buzz home page, click Menu (three horizontal lines).

Click Calendar.

Click Day in the top menu bar to filter by Day, Week, or Month.

Click a specific date to see activities for that date.

To view activities for only one of your courses, uncheck all course names under Courses except the course you want to see.

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