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TEACHER-Adding students to your Schoology course
TEACHER-Adding students to your Schoology course

This article shows teachers how to add students to their Schoology course

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After logging into Genius, click Go to LMS from the left navigation menu.

Click the computer icon next to Schoology. This is where your courses reside. Please note: Students will select the Schoology LMS associated with their school district when logging in.

Enter your username and password and then click Log in. The school name defaults to Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 07. If you forgot your password, submit a Help Desk Ticket.

DO NOT click Forgot your password.

Access your course in Schoology and locate the 13-digit Access Code (in green box) located near the bottom left of the course profile, as well as on the right side of the Members page.

Copy the Access Code by highlighting the code, right-clicking your mouse, and then clicking Copy.

From Genius, click the Sections link from the top menu bar.

Click your course name.

Look at the Start column to see when new students were added to your course and click one of the recently-added student’s names.

Scroll to the bottom of the student’s page and click Send Email under Actions. This ensures the email will be documented in the student’s account in Genius.

Compose a welcome email to the student and paste in the Access Code by right-clicking your mouse and selecting Paste. Students with existing Schoology accounts will use the Access Code to join your Schoology course.

Click Send when you have finished composing your welcome email.

If you have additional students to email, return to the Sections link, click the course name, click the next student who will need the Access Code, and then send another email.

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