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DISTRICT ADMIN-Creating a Guardian account in Genius
DISTRICT ADMIN-Creating a Guardian account in Genius

This article shows District Administrators how to create a Guardian account in Genius

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After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, locate the student’s account. At the top right of the page, enter the student’s name in the Search box, then click the student’s name to access the account.

Under Main Information, click Guardian Accounts.

User Name: Create the guardian’s username, which is the guardian’s complete email address.

Password: Create the guardian’s password.

Last Name / First Name: Enter the guardians’ last name and first name. NOTE: The Last Name field is on the left and the First Name field is on the right.

Email/Username: Enter the guardian’s email address a second time.

Phone: Enter the guardian’s phone number.

Click Create. Send an email to guardian with the username, password, and link to the eAcademy™ District Login page: Inform the guardian to click your School District name when logging into Genius.

If you get an error message stating that the login is already taken, this may mean a guardian account has already been created and the guardian is associated to another student. Contact the Help Desk and our staff can associate the guardian to a second student’s account. In your Help Desk Ticket, include the Guardian’s name and email address and the student’s name and email address.

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