After creating quiz questions in a text editor, the next step is to import the questions into the Moodle Question bank.

~ To learn more about creating questions in a text editor, review the resource Creating multiple quiz questions using a text editor (Moodle).

~ To learn how to edit imported questions in the Question bank, scroll to the bottom of the article.

Importing text editor questions into the Moodle Question bank

Navigate to your Moodle course.

From the right side of your course home page, click the Actions menu (1) and then click More… (2).

Click Import next to Question bank.

Next to File format, select the Aiken format.

Click General to expand the options. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Import category and select the category where you would like the imported questions to reside.

Uncheck Get category from file unless you would like to create a new Question bank category using the file name. You can leave the rest of the options at their default setting.

Click Choose a file…. Alternatively, you can open the folder with your saved text file, then drag and drop the file into the space indicated.

From the File picker, click Upload a file, and then click Choose File.

Locate the folder where you saved the text file. Double click the text file to select it. Or you can click one on the file, and then click Open.

Click Upload this file.

Click Import to begin the process.

The import is successful if you see a list of your questions. If you receive an error message, review the formatting of your text file. Click Continue at the bottom of the question list.

From the Question bank, select the applicable category from the drop-down list to view your imported questions. You can also sort the questions by the links under Question, Created by, and Last modified by to find your questions more quickly in the Question bank.

You will now be able to add your imported questions to a Moodle quiz.

Editing an imported question in the Question bank

From the right side of your course home page, click the Actions menu (gear icon) and then click More….

Click Questions next to Question bank.

Click Edit (1) to the right of the question, and then click Edit question (2).

Make any needed edits to the questions and answers.

Click Save changes.

The question will be highlighted in green indicating changes were made.

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