The Question bank allows you to create, preview, and edit questions in a database of question categories. The categories can be limited to being used on the site, course, or quiz level. Additionally, the questions in a category can be added to a Quiz activity via an export process.

A new course starts out with one category named Default for [course name]. To make it easier to find questions and to facilitate the use of random questions, organize your questions into additional categories.

Categories can be based on textbook chapters, weeks in the course, important concepts, or any other organizational scheme. The more organized you make your question categories during the initial setup of your course, the easier it will be to reuse questions in future quizzes and exams.

Navigate to your Moodle course. To the right of your course name on the course home page, click the Actions menu (1) and then click Moreā€¦ (2).

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Categories next to Question bank.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the Name field, enter the question category name (e.g., Chapter 1). If desired, enter a short description in the Category info field.

Click Add category.

The image below shows the categories created for Chapters 1 through 3 in the course, Creating a Moodle Course. Once you start to add questions to a category, the number of questions in a category is displayed in parentheses to the right of the category name.

Use the icons to make changes to these categories. You can delete, edit, move to top level, move up, move down, and make a child of a category (subcategory).

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