The Activity By Student OEA report displays the number of minutes that students were logged into their Learning Management System each day during a selected date range. eAcademy™ uses several Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to deliver course content to students. Examples include Moodle, Buzz, and Schoology. Some LMSs, like Buzz, report the actual number of minutes spent by each student in each course. Other LMSs, like Moodle, do not report number of minutes, so the best that Genius can do is use an approximation.

Moodle example per Genius: If a student logs into Course A at 9:00 am and Course B at 9:07 am, Genius infers that the student spent seven minutes in Course A. If there is only one record showing a login to Course A at 9:00 am and then nothing after that, Genius does not know exactly when the student stopped working. Based on parameters set up in Genius, we estimate that the student spent about 60 minutes in Course A. While the number of minutes in the report will never be an exact measurement of student activity in Moodle, the student activity minutes provide valuable information on how often students are working in their courses.

After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, click Reports from the top menu bar.

From the left navigation menu under Activity, click By Student OEA.

Start Date: The Start Date defaults to seven days prior to the current date. Enter the preferred Start Date.

End Date: The End Date defaults to the current date. You can keep the default End Date or enter another date.

Click Get Data.

The results will show the student’s first and last name, student ID, and the approximate number of minutes the student was logged into the LMS each day during the selected date range.

Example Report

To view the amount of time a student spent in each individual course, access the student’s Genius account and then click Student Activity under Enrollments.

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