The Genius Report Builder allows you to create a variety of custom reports to meet your specific reporting needs. You may need to experiment with the Report Builder to learn which fields give you the data you need. There are five columns of data: Student Data, Enrollment Data, Section Data, Course Data, and Teacher Data. Unfortunately, not all system data is available in the Report Builder.

~ Student Data examples: first and last name, date of birth, address information, race, email, status (active, withdrawn, alumni), grade level, PA SecureID (field is titled LocalID), affiliation (school district)

~ Enrollment Data examples: status (active, dropped, dropped_grace), start date, end date, current grade (cumulative grade), Term 1, 2, 3, 4 grade (Term grades only populate for Accelerate Education courses)

~ Section Data examples: name, term (school year)

~ Course Data examples: name, department (course subject area)

~ Teacher Data examples: first and last name, email

After logging into eAcademy™ Genius, click Reports from the top menu bar.

From the left navigation menu under Dynamic Reports, click Report Builder.

Step 1: Select the fields you would like to export (ctrl+click to select more than one field): Determine the information you would like to see in your report. For this example, we will build a report that includes the student’s first and last name, grade level, and PA Secure ID. These reports can help you see if any information is missing from a student’s account profile. Please fill in any missing student information.

Student Data: Hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard and select FirstName, LastName, Status, GradeLevel, and LocalID. The LocalID is the PA Secure ID in Genius.

Enrollment Data: Select Status.

Section Data: Select Term.

Step 2: Select the filtering criteria (Optional): Select the filtering criteria to limit your results to only active students, active enrollments, and the current school year. For the first criteria, select Student:Status, Is, and then type Active in the blank field.

For the second criteria, select Enrollment:Status, Is, and then type Active in the blank field.

For the third criteria, select Section: Term, Is, and then type 2022/2023 in the blank field.

Step 3: Get Data: Click Get Data.

Step 4: Save as a report (Optional): If you decide to save the report, enter a Report Name and Description, and then click Save.

If desired, export the report to Excel by clicking Export Results to Excel at the top right of the page.

To run a saved report:

From the left navigation menu under Dynamic Reports, click Run Report.

From the drop-down menu next to Select a report, select your saved report, and then click Run Report.

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